Doggie Training General

Most humans think training their dog is something that takes too long and may not be worth the effort. Believe me it is. We’ll be covering basic obedience training which is helpful for us and you humans, because it establishes a social hierarchy, which is very important for us dogs. Dogs are pack animals, and we need to know our role in the pack, so basic obedience training will help establish the roles of who the leader is, and where we fit in.

Let's Get Started!

There are a number of obedience training terms you can use. An important thing to remember is to stick with the commands you wish to use. This will cause less confusion for your dog.


This is one of the most important words for us dogs to learn and you humans to use as you train us. This is the word you will use to encourage us when we do something right. Ok it does not need to be "Yes" but it should be something close. Don't forget, every time your dog does something you ask of them, say "Yes" and give them a few pets on the head, and maybe a treat. You will find that by doing this you and your dog will build a trust and a friendship that will last a life time.   

Common Training Commands

Lay Down or Down

One of the most important things to remember when training your dog is to maintain consistency. Use the same commands to accomplish the same outcome every time. This sounds like a no brainier but you would be surprised at the number of people who don't do this. They tell the dog down when they really mean sit. Also, the younger you start training your dog the better. The old adage "Can't teach an old dog new tricks," is not necessarily true but it is harder to teach older dogs. Please check out the training videos on the right.

Training time: How long?

This should only be about 5 to 10 minutes 3 to 4 times daily, our little doggie brains cannot handle any more than that. We dogs don’t have much of an attention span so 5 to 10 minutes is about all you can expect. Younger puppies have very short attention spans so 5 minutes or shorter then progress up slowly.

Treats / Rewards when training, are they ok?

Yes, these are good things, but you should also use praise and petting as part of the reward. When working with commands like "Sit" and "Stay" give us a treat and praise us when we do it right. Over time start removing the treat and just give us praise, that way the praise becomes the reward. It is important to remember to continue to praise us for being good throughout our lives. It helps keep the social hierarchy and makes us feel like we’re pleasing you. You should also use hand signals with training, and when done correctly sometimes the hand signal will be all we need to follow a command.

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Ivy Doing Sit

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Ivy Doing Stay

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Ivy Doing Lay Down

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