Doggie Grooming: Nail Care

Keeping your dog’s nails at a proper length is important; it will help prevent accidental injury to themselves and to you and other pack members. A good rule of thumb is, if you can hear their nails clicking on your floor, it’s time to trim them.  You should start getting them accustomed to having you trim their nails at an early age or as soon as possible. Start by handing your dog’s feet and toes regularly, as in each day, with kindness and gentleness. Once your dog is accustomed to this, have your vet demonstrate the proper way of trimming toe nails. There are a number of ways and tools you may use to trim a dog's nails, ask your vet which one is best for your dog.

Start trimming your dog’s nails one per night, and slowly work your way to trimming all eighteen of them in one sitting. Remember to give your dog lots of praise and maybe a treat or two during the process. You should trim the nail gradually. Have your vet demonstrate this, and go over any problems you may have such as "quicking" the nail. "Quicking" the nail means you have trimmed too much, the nail will bleed and your poor dog will be in a lot of pain.

A photo of leeloo, with her paws out in front of her, ready to have them trimmed.