Doggie Grooming: Brushing

This is best started early, and please make it enjoyable for the dog, I mean really, would you enjoy having your hair combed or brushed every day if it hurt? Brushing is important because it removes dirt and debris from our coats. It also stimulates our skin and moves the oils in our coat around which is important to keep our skin and coat healthy.

How often do you need to brush? That depends on the dog’s coat. Brushing should be done two to three times a week with dogs that have long or thick coats. Dogs with shorter coats should be done every few weeks or so. If you have any questions about how often to brush your dog ask your vet.   

Short hair breeds can be brushed with soft or medium bristle brush, curry style brush, or a grooming glove. Long haired dogs can be brushed with wire slicker brushes. If you are unsure what type of brush to use ask your vet.     

Photo of Ivy in the yard looking down, she has just been brushed